I want to live a Christian here,
I want to die a-shouting,
I want to feel my Savior near,
While soul and body’s parting.
I want to see bright angels stand
And waiting to receive me,
To bear my soul to Canaan’s land,
Where Christ has gone before me.

My heart is often made to mourn
Because I’m faint and feeble,
And when my Savior seems to frown,
My soul is filled with trouble.
But when He doth again return,
And I repent my folly,
’Tis then I after glory run,
And still my Jesus follow.

I have my bitter and my sweet
While through this world I travel,
Sometimes I shout and often weep,
Which makes my foes to marvel.
But let them think and think again,
I feel I’m bound for heaven;
I hope I shall with Jesus reign,
I therefore still will praise Him.

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