Why do we mourn departing friends,
Or shake at death’s alarms?
’Tis but the voice that Jesus sends,
To call them to His arms.

Why should we tremble to convey
Their bodies to the tomb?
There the dear flesh of Jesus lay,
And vanished all the gloom.

Thence He arose, ascended high,
And showed our feet the way;
Up to the Lord our souls shall fly,
At the great rising day.

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The name of the town was chosen by Japheth Washburn. He wanted to call the town Bloomville, but people from the town of Bloomfield objected, saying that the similarity of names could cause confusion. Mr. Washburn settled on the name China, because it was the name of one of his favorite hymns. This widely sung hymn was written by Timothy Swan of Northfield Massachusetts in 1790 and was published in Swan’s “New England Harmony” in 1801. (Wikipedia, article “China, Maine”)