Hosanna, to Jesus, my soul’s filled with praises,
Come, Oh my dear brethren, and help me to sing;
No music so charming, no look is so warming,
It gives life and comfort and gladness within.
Hosanna is ringing: Oh how I love singing,
There’s nothing so sweet as the sound of His name;
The angels in glory repeat the glad story
Of love which in Jesus is made known to man.

Hosanna to Jesus! my soul how it pleases
To see sinners falling and crying to God;
Then shouting and praising, they cry, “’Tis amazing;
We’ve found peace and pardon in Jesus’ blood.”
Hosanna is ringing, hark, how they are singing,
“All glory to Jesus, we’ve tasted His love!”
The kingdom of heaven to mortals is given,
And rolls through my soul from the mansions above.

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