Come, little children, now we may
Partake a little morsel.
For little songs and little ways
Adorned a great apostle.
A little drop of Jesus’ blood
Can make a feast of union;
It is by little steps we move
Into a full communion.

A little faith doth mighty deeds,
Quite past all my recounting;
Faith like a little mustard seed
Can move a lofty mountain.
A little charity and zeal,
A little tribulation,
A little patience makes us feel
Great peace and consolation.

A little cross with cheerfulness,
A little self-denial,
Will serve to make our troubles less,
And bear the greatest trial,
The Spirit like a little dove
On Jesus once descended;
To show His meekness and His love,
The emblem was intended.

The title of the little Lamb
Unto our Lord was given,
Such was our Savior’s little name,
The Lord of earth and heaven.
A little voice that’s small and still
Can rule the whole creation;
A little stone the earth shall fill,
And humble ev’ry nation.

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