I love my blessed Savior,
I feel I’m in His favor,
And I am His forever
If I but faithful prove;
And now I’m bound for Canaan,
I feel my sins forgiven,
And soon shall get to heaven
To sing redeeming love.

Poor sinners may deride me,
And unbelievers chide me,
But nothing shall divide me
From Jesus, my best friend;
Supported by His power,
I long to see the hour
That bids my spirit tower,
And all my troubles end.

The pleasing time is hast’ning,
My tott’ring frame is wasting,
Whilst I’m engaged in praising,
Impelled by His love.
When yonder shining orders,
Who sing on Canaan’s borders,
Shall bear me to the Lord there,
To praise His name above.