The Lord is leading me today,
His love shines all around;
Delight I find along the way,
For I am homeward bound.
Soon the great call for me will come,
I’ll lay my armor down,
From Him no more again to roam,
For I am homeward bound.

I never knew the happiness
That in His love is found;
Until He came, my soul to bless,
And now I’m homeward bound.
He raised me from the depths of sin,
To higher, solid ground;
I’m drinking endless pleasure in,
Since I am homeward bound.

It will not give me cause to fear
To hear the trumpet sound;
And as that happy time draws near,
I still am homeward bound.
Soon I will strike the heav’nly lyre,
With saints of great renown,
And join that great harmon’ous choir;
Oh, I am homeward bound!

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