A few more days on earth to spend,
And all my toils and cares shall end,
And I shall see my God and friend,
And praise His name on high.
No more to sigh or shed a tear,
No more to suffer pain or fear;
But God, and Christ, and heav’n appear
Unto the raptured eyes.

Then, O, my soul, despond no more:
The storms of life will soon be o’er,
And I shall find the peaceful shore
Of everlasting rest.
O happy day! O joyful hour!
When, freed from earth, my soul shall tow’r
Beyond the reach of Satan’s pow’r,
To be forever blest.

To earthly cares I bid farewell,
And triumph over death and hell,
And go where saints and angels dwell,
To praise th’eternal Three.
I’ll join with those who’ve gone before,
Who sing and shout, their suff’rings o’er,
Where pain and parting are no more,
To all eternity.

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