Come, brothers and sisters who love one another,
And have done with years that are gone;
How often we’ve met Him in sweet heav’nly union,
Which opens the way to God’s throne.
With joy and thanksgiving we’ll praise Him who loved us,
While we run the bright, shining way;
Though we part here in body, we’re bound for one glory,
And bound for each other to pray.

There was Joshua and Joseph, Elias and Moses,
That prayed, and God heard from His throne.
There was Abraham and Isaac, and Jacob and David,
And Solomon and Stephen and John.
There was Simeon and Anna, and I don’t know how many,
That prayed as they journeyed along;
Some cast among lions, some bound with rough irons,
Yet glory and praises they sung.

Some tell us that praying, and also that praising
Is labor that’s all spent in vain;
But we have such as witness that God hears with swiftness,
From praying we will not refrain.
There was old father Noah, and ten thousand more,
That witnessed that God heard them pray;
There was Samuel and Hannah, Paul, Silas, and Peter,
And Daniel and Jonah, we’ll say.