Alternative Shape Note Tunebooks

Christian Harmony (7-shapes)
Shenandoah Harmony

Background knowledge for the curious and beginners

Wikipedia about Sacred Harp very good!.
What to expect at a singing
Sacred Harp Singing School Workbook

Press opninions and comments

Five Things Sacred Harp isn’t
Partridge Feathers
National Public Radio
Temple of the Future
San Francisco Local Public Radio
Church Times
The Key to a Long Life (Brian Eno)
Stormy Banks and Sweet Rivers: A Sacred Harp Geography

Resources for the actives

Songlist, sorted in Excel. (thanks to Frankfurt.)
Sacred Harp and Shape Note Music Resources (Compilation and commentary by Steven L. Sabol) Here you can find all songtexts. Collections of all melodies to listen and to download. A bit of a “nerd-factor” will help to cope.
The above mentioned on one site.
Michigan State University Electronic version of “The Sacred Harp”; all texts, all notes. The graphics resolutions are poor but usable.
BostonSing Shapenote Resources Many recordings of Singing Conventions, for downloading.
1959 Alabama Convention (Alan Lomax) New compositions (!) in the style of the Sacred Harp.
German student songs in Shape-Note-Notation
Popularity of Tunes in the Denson edition, 2004
A Primer on How To Lead (PDF by the Pacific NW Sacred Harp Singers)
Best Practices for Sacred Harp Keying (PDF by Ian Quinn)

Sacred Harp in Europa

Frankfurt, Germany
Hamburg, Germany
Cologne, Germany
Berlin, Germany
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
United Kingdom
Cork, Ireland